Friday, 16 March 2012

Psalm 27, Adonai Ori !!!

PSALM 27, "ADONAI Ori (The L-RD is My Light)" Music Video.
This worship video features the new song by Christene Jackman, "ADONAI Ori (The L-RD is My Light)", Psalm 27. The lyrics were written by King David are sung in Biblical Hebrew with the melody composed by Jackman. You can purchase this video download through Shuv Store online.

Before you watch, let me first tell you a story regarding the song in this video. Songwriter/Singer Christene Jackman shared that recently her mom handed her an old, worn little bible. It turned out to be the gift her father had given her mother the day of Christene's birth. Opening the tattered front page, she discovered scripture references scribbled by the hand of her late father outlining the Way of Salvation, as well as one specific psalm. That psalm listed was: Psalm 27, one that had always been among her favorites throughout her life. Jackman has now recorded this moving musical interpretation of Psalm 27 in keeping with the Psalm that was spoken over her life at birth by her father and her Heavenly Abba. "Coincidence" is not a kosher word :)

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