Sunday, 30 December 2012

Adonai Ahuvi (Lord, My Beloved) !!! by Sheli Myers !!!

I lay my heart before You oh Lord, Adonai
I give me love to You oh Lord, Adonai
For You are the Lord of my heart
O Lord, you are my Beloved
O Lord, You're the Lifter of my head
O Lord, You are my Beloved
For You are the Lord,
You are the Lord,
For You are the Lord of my Heart


  1. So beautiful I love you my beloved yeshua my adonai you live here deep in my heart for eternity I will worship you !!!

  2. crying for you wanting you to see your face my Lord my beloved please come soon I can hardly think of any thing else but our meeting so longing for you!!! my Abba papa please send my beloved yeshua soon !!!